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Shocks and Struts in Hayward and the East Bay Area

East Bayz replaces shocks and struts as a part of your vehicle's regular maintenance.

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Your vehicle's shocks and struts have a tremendous impact on the ride, performance and handling while driving. Replacing them is a routine part of your car's maintenance. Although replacing shocks and struts is not required as often as an oil change, you will know it's a good time to consider replacement based on how your vehicle drives after so many miles.

When to Replace Shocks and Struts

  • Poor handling of the vehicle while driving
  • Vehicle suspension bounces over bumps and dips
  • After driving a 50k or more miles
  • If vehicle is exposed to rough road conditions
  • After long periods of non-use of a vehicle

Factors Determining the Condition of Shocks and Struts

Here are a few factors to consider when determining the condition of your shocks and struts:

  1. How do they feel? Worn shocks and struts can make a car or truck handle very poorly by increasing the body roll when turning and decreasing stability. If the ride of your vehicle is soft and bouncy over bumps and dips, this is a sign that they need to be replaced.
  2. How many miles do they have? Generally, a set of shocks can last anywhere from 50k to 60k miles, although they can also last as little as 40k and as much as 100k miles. Some of the factors involved in your shocks longevity is how the car or truck is driven. A vehicle used mostly for freeway commuting will have less wear than one driven in stop and go traffic. Also, driving over potholes or roughly surfaced streets can greatly reduce the life of your shocks and struts.
  3. How frequently is the vehicle driven? If a car or truck site for a long period without being used, the shocks and struts and freeze up and stop functioning properly. If your vehicle has been sitting for more than a year, you may need to consider replacement to restore the driving performance.

We Offer The Following Brands of Shocks and Struts

Kyb Shocks and Struts
Monroe Shocks and Struts
Rancho Shocks and Struts
Napa Shocks and Struts